@SimonPulman recommends you some interesting readings about Transmedia!

Andrea Phillips – A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling
Podcast: Legal Issues Created by Story World Communities and Transmedia
A Few Thoughts on John Carter – Rich Silverman
Second Act Twist – The New Yorker
The Hunger Games Campaign – So Close Yet So Far – The Arrglington Jump
Gender Games: The Hunger Games Must Clear Tricky Marketing Hurdles
MIB3 Aims to Warm Things Up With Phone Hotline
How To Get Your Transmedia Project In Front of People – Simon Staffans
USA Network’s Jesse Redniss – Our Showrunners Are Leading Us Forward in Social TV
Blueprint for a Transmedia Classroom – Silverstring Media
Google Remixes Old Campaigns, Adding a Dash of Digital Tools
The Co.Create Virtual Panel: Brand Content – Fast Company

Illustration by Katie Edwards